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Hello, this is the Nightcrawler home page of one Richard Mason put on your seatbelts cuz you're on the Roller Coaster of love!

Kurt Wagner was dropped off a cliff when he was a newborn  by his
 Mommy the shape-changing pawn of Apocolypse, Mystique.
 Raised in a circus he honed his acrobatic skills as a trapeze artist.
 Soon his career took off as he used his strange demonic appearance
 to scare the customers into coming back for another show.
 Soon though the world of hatred snuck into the circus and he was  
 mobbed by the German villagers who loved his show so much. Saved
 by a certain Charles Xavier. Kurt Wagner chose the name NIGHTCRAWLER,
 meaning he crawled outta the dark to face a world of hatred and fear.
 Me, I'm just a freak who reads too many comic books.
 unfortunately I can only have this page until the 26th of August 97'
 then I go to the u.s. Navy. So when that happens, my good friend Johnny
 takes over. Guden Tag true believers.                                    
 Post August '97(John):I decided to make a picture page of Nightcrawler for him.
  Just in case you want to email one of us, I listed our e-mails below.
 Here is the link for the Graphic page:
Graphic Page Link

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Richard Mason E-Mail Link (Richard's) Johnny Linger E-Mail Link (Johnny's)
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Richard Mason
United States

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